Actionable Intelligence for Network and Application Performance, Application Availability, Cloud Service Assurance, Virtualization, and Network and Data Center Optimization


Today’s government IT professionals are challenged with ensuring the health of the network infrastructure and the availability of the services and applications it delivers, while also mitigating risks, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs. InfoVista solutions for federal, state and local government IT organizations enable unified service assurance through end to end visibility of mission-critical IP-based networks, services and applications.

Our network performance management and application performance management solution portfolio monitors the entire IP infrastructure – all resources, technologies, vendors and domains – and network traffic to deliver real-time, providing actionable performance intelligence through a configurable, collaborative and role-based reporting interface.

InfoVista unified network and application performance management solutions for government IT enable the public sector including Federal, local and educational entities with:

  • Industry-leading scalability to manage large, diverse and geographically dispersed networks and their infrastructure, services and applications.
  • Performance-based troubleshooting and pre-emptive capacity monitoring, which enable IT to resolve potential problems before end users are impacted as well as ensure critical business continuity
  • Tailored sets of pre-configured analytics, KPIs and best-practice workflows for the efficient management of IP services, including IP VPNs, application-aware networks, data centers, private cloud and Carrier Ethernet networks.
  • VistaInsight for NetworksThe intelligence necessary for engineering and operations to optimize delivery of services and applications and assure superior quality of experience
  • Service modeling flexibility and openness to minimize total cost of ownership, quickly support sophisticated service level agreements and seamlessly integrate with  existing IT management systems 
  • Application usage and performance visibility to accommodate the network bandwidth and server resources capacity to future growth 
  • In-depth analysis of application response time and quality, both key factors in end-user satisfaction
  • Out-of-the-box support for all key transmission protocols and common monitoring technologies for IP-based applications—including NetFlow monitoring, quality of service (QoS), and deep packet inspection (DPI)