Network and Application Performance Management Tools for Application Response Time, WAN Optimization, Virtualization and Data Center Optimization

Bank transactionsEnterprise IT departments need to ensure that business-critical applications are available and of high quality. Thousands—and in some cases, even millions—of dollars can be lost in minutes when online purchasing operations, bank transactions or inventory systems fail. In addition to these direct costs, significant indirect costs are incurred when IP-based data-sharing services and applications don’t adequately support employee productivity.

As these shared applications become more prevalent and essential to business success, the underlying IP/MPLS network is becoming increasingly complex. Large-enterprise IT departments must manage new and legacy network and server technologies across many sites, usually with dependencies on multiple service providers. And with each business-critical application dependent on dozens, perhaps hundreds, of these infrastructure components, the IT department must have real-time insight into the interrelationships between applications and network resources if it hopes to optimize network traffic and data center performance, rapidly and efficiently troubleshoot and resolve network and application performance problems, and deliver available, high-quality applications.

InfoVista provides a unified network performance management and application performance management platform that equips enterprise IT organizations with:

  • Vendor-agnostic collection of performance data across heterogeneous network and server environments
  • A real-time understanding of what applications are running, which network and server resources those applications are using, and how much bandwidth each application is consuming
  • In-depth analysis of application response time and quality, both key factors in end-user satisfaction
  • Performance-based troubleshooting and pre-emptive capacity monitoring, which enable IT to resolve potential problems before end users are impacted as well as ensure critical business continuity
  • Preconfigured alarms for detection of abnormal behavior, such as slow application response time, high retransmissions, or server inactivity
  • Out-of-the-box support for all key transmission protocols and common monitoring technologies for IP-based applications—including NetFlow monitoring, quality of service (QoS), and deep packet inspection (DPI)
  • Management of virtual and physical servers from a single platform, and out-of-the-box support for virtualization and consolidation activities